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Building a New Site, 257% Smarter.

By March 20, 2015 FRWD Success Stories

Building a new website is something most agencies are tasked with pretty frequently. We have a recent one that we are excited to share a few awesome results. Results in just the first few weeks, mind you.

The normal business needs, design, adherence to brand guidelines and other requirements were, of course, taken into consideration upon the build of Using our approach, we made it searchable using SEO best practices up-front in the development process. With smart work done ahead of time, we were able to build the site to reach more users, rather than spending money to get that traffic later. Small moves upfront, makes for a big payoff later on. Not only are these people searching for the brand, they’re finding meaningful, relevant content when they get there.

In the month since the new site launch, organic traffic has increased 257%! It’s common for organic traffic to decline after a big site update, which makes this lift pretty amazing.


We can see here that the day after launch, organic traffic increased 2.5x, which is pretty outstanding.

What do we think lead to the boost? Following best practices really do help:

  • Transition to the brand term that people are actually searching for as the URL. Most users are searching for “brand name” and google gives an exact match that equates to ranking preferability.
  • Update to SSL adds credibility, and a known positive ranking factor.
  • Google was penalizing the legacy site & the transition was viewed by Google as a “clean slate.”

Bottom Line: We should expect significantly more unique visits a month. More touch points and chances to engage with consumers with relevant content=always a good thing.

What else are we seeing after the transition?

  • Lower Bounce Rate (users are getting what they expected in their first click)
  • More Pages Viewed Per Visitor (better, more engaging content)
  • Site Searches. Specifically, lots of users are searching for information on specific products

Does your site need to work harder? Find out how smart, technical site builds can give your brand similar results. Say hi and request more info on our capabilities and case studies.

Click here to see the new and improved site.