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Quotacy’s Robust Analytics Overhaul: A FRWD Success Story

For an online, virtual life insurance agency, it’s as important as ever to understand the user’s digital experience. Our friends & partner over at Quotacy host a sophisticated life insurance quoting tool, but faced challenges in measuring user engagement and ultimately business impact. The challenge: how can you fully measure their complex quoting tool to understand the entire journey? What leads to success? Where are the unknown bottlenecks? This is where FRWD came in and implemented a robust analytics overhaul.

But, enough from us! Here’s what Quotacy VP of Operations and Sales Jason Nash has to say:

My company is an online, virtual life insurance agency that has a very, let me say it again, very complicated quoting tool that is pushing and pulling data from multiple sources simultaneously for prices. There are multiple stages in the “get a quote” process on our site, starting with basics like your age, and further through the process – more detailed things like family history or personal health issues. The FRWD team was able to do what others thought impossible: break our full quoting process into micro pieces. The process was built as one package with no distinct separations from entrance point to application submission, originally without adjusting any code on our site.

What FRWD was able to do was create a set of reports to accurately capture not only how many visitors came to our landing page, but more importantly, where they came from (Google, an article written, an email referral, etc.), how far they went in our quoting process, where they dropped off, where they went if they dropped off (another page on our site), and how many times they’ve been back to our site. Those insights have allowed us to find roadblocks in our user’s experience and make changes to verbiage or call to action buttons that we NEVER would have known about without this details sales funnel FRWD created for us. The reporting tools go much deeper than that, even, but the details may bore you!

The level of visibility into our site and how users act on our site has even helped us attract partnerships with companies who want to see inside this living organism we call Quotacy.com. Other companies are willing to give us better deals on lead generation and pay per click contracts as well since we can show them exactly how their leads are performing and converting, so no one is guessing.

The bottom line is, the fact that FRWD didn’t hesitate to take on this project, and they did it with such ease, confidence, and transparency, was impressive to say the least and has made them our go-to outlet as we continue to grow and expand our business, reporting, and media placement. The fact that they were able to understand and interpret our complex industry of life insurance, and secondly, our complex website and sales funnels, showed us that we were working with a team of truly passionate professionals that we would recommend to anyone needing a top notch group of internet media and analytics rockstars! Thanks FRWD, you’ve made it seem so easy!


A great footnote to this story is that shortly after we received this testimonial, Quotacy saw a massive, sustained spike in business due to a great placement on a prominent insurance blog. The feedback we received was “Thank God we have the sweetest analytics in the world to track all this traffic!”