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Meat People Where They Are, Literally

By November 30, 2016 Uncategorized

As advertisers, we’re strong believers in meeting people where they are. Sometimes that’s a targeted banner ad, a Snapchat filter, or a primetime broadcast spot. With Golden Island, we took this principle quite literally. We traveled to Portland, Oregon, a core market for Golden Island, and gave out over 25,000 jerky samples at various events. The events, which included SkiFever, Trailblazer games, and film festivals all align with our target audience, the upbeat foodie explorer. The insight was simple, more trial based experiences would create better brand awareness and increase sales.
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The result, people could not get enough of Golden Island Jerky, many took to social media to post their love and admiration. This allowed Golden Island to create multiple touch points and further conversations with their new found brand advocates.
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“Korean BBQ flavor I got at the snow show is my favorite. Need to try more flavors! Where do I get it?”

 “Korean BBQ Pork Jerky is AMAZING!! Eating some now. See you on Tuesday!”

” I love your jerky you guys were handing them out at pioneer square and that is where I fell in love lol”

“Tried this at the SkiFever show and I’m hooked! #bestjerkyever”

As we continue to diversify and grow Golden Island’s media mix, we’re excited to implement more experiential tactics in other markets, and of course, meet more people where they are.