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Day After Digest: Madmen and Women MadAdBash

By June 26, 2015 Day After Digest

Our team was blown away by AdFed’s MadAdBash on June 25th. Not only was the hospitality amazing, but it was humbling to be in a room full of local advertising greats whose works are nationally (and in some cases, internationally) known.

We heard from Sue Crolick, who was the first female art director in Minneapolis. She worked with Martin Williams before starting her own agency and eventually heading a non-profit called Art Buddies, aimed at helping children make meaningful change in their life through creativity.


  • Don’t take no for an answer. When Sue moved back to Minneapolis after graduating from Syracuse University, she was told by multiple men that, “this business is no place for a girl.” Look where she is now!

  • We WILL have to start over, and that’s something to celebrate. After a fire destroyed all offices at Martin Williams, Sue and the team put out an ad to show the world that even though their building was gone, they were still ready to work.
  • Creative problem solving can get you through the toughest times and help you see what no one else can. Sue proved herself in the industry by taking a client that no one else on the team wanted (dental implants) and crafting a beautiful direct response mailer that dentists couldn’t ignore.
  • You don’t have to be a Project Manager to manage projects. It’s an essential skill for any professional in our game.
  • Don’t be shy about admiring the work of those around you. Sue even admires those who are technically “beneath” her on the totem pole. That sense of honest appreciation is part of her core, and makes her easy to work with.

As our digital industry grows, we need to remember where we come from and who helped us get there. Digital agencies like ours are the babies of the game. It was inspiring to be around true Mad Men and Mad Women who have made Minneapolis a legacy as an advertising hub. She left us with this quote: “Make a change through creativity. Help yourself. Help others. Help the world.”