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Introducing “Buyerside Chats” — Monthly Meet-ups to Discuss All Things Programmatic

By February 3, 2015 Buyerside Chats

Interested in learning about programmatic? Discover the benefits of programmatic media buying with our new, monthly meet-ups!

Inaugural Buyerside Chat — “The Benefits of leveraging programmatic platforms”
Food, drinks and great conversation!
February 12th, 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Bev’s Winebar, 250 3rd Avenue North #100, Minneapolis,  MN 55401
FREE, but Registration Required 

BuyersideChatsBuyerside Chats are our monthly meet-ups to discuss all things programmatic. Our mission is to bring together industry leaders to discuss the future of media buying and how programmatic media will be shaping the landscape for years to come.  Buyerside Chats offer a forum for all marketers with an interest in programmatic media to discuss the industry and share their knowledge with the community.  Anyone can come and everyone is welcome!

Our partner MediaMath will be attending as well, so come out for food, drinks and great conversation! Read about our partnership and buyer certification with MediaMath.