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We’re Fired Up 🔥: Our 5 Favorite Ignite Talks

Ignite Minneapolis is a night of blazing-fast presentations by passionate speakers. Eighteen of them have five minutes to rile up the crowd and get them excited about an idea. The topics can range from cooking the perfect macaroon to teaching your goldfish how to jump through hoops. Anything goes, and nothing is more inspiring than hearing people geek out about such diverse topics. Here are our top five favorite geeks from last week’s Ignite Minneapolis:

Josh Rensch: The Blessing of Bacon

Josh spoke about a heavy burden he carries. The burden of knowing how to make scrumptious homemade bacon. If you want people to like you and invite you to cool events, bring them bacon! If you need a popularity boost, here’s his recipe- http://joshrensch.com/bacon-stratagem/.

Jesse Ross: Black Fathers Matter

Imagine walking outside every day and not feeling safe. Imagine having to lie to your daughter when she asks “Dad, do you feel safe when you go to work everyday?”. Jesse does what any father would do, he says “Yes, I feel safe everyday”. Jesse’s mission is to remind people about the fear that diverse families face every single day.

Jason Schommer: What would Madonna do?

Every time you find yourself nervous and questioning your next move, just ask yourself; what would Madonna do? And do you know what she would do? Whatever the hell she wanted because she’s Madonna! She doesn’t care what people think. Jason simply wants people to be themselves and have confidence in their actions.

Julia Israel: Happy to be Nappy

Julia grew up constantly trying to tame her hair. One day after all the burns from straightening it, she decided to rock her natural hair and never looked back. She ended with a powerful statement “I’m happy to be naturally me”.

Karl Pearson-Cater: Mugshot Monday: Every Mug Has a Story

Seven years ago, Karl (a former FRWDer) started a project where every Monday he would take a selfie with his coffee mug and share it on his social channels. He had a simple rule; never use the same mug twice. He’s been at it for 7 years with a total of 338 different coffee mugs and only 2 duplicates. Way to go Karl, that’s a lot of mugs and a lot of stories! Keep up with #MugshotMonday at http://t.bigboxcar.com/tagged/Mugshot_Monday.

Thanks to everyone who spoke at Ignite and helped organize the event. It definitely fired us up!