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How satisfied are you with your search results? Google wants to know.

By December 5, 2014 Industry Topics

The other day while searching Google for information about a particular product, I noticed a little survey box at the bottom right hand side of the SERP asking me how satisfied I was with my search results. This survey, that started in early September, is part of Google’s new effort to gather feedback from their stakeholders.



There are five different options to choose from on the survey ranging from smiley face, all the way down to not so smiley face. After selecting an answer Google promptly thanks you for your input and the box disappears.

So what does it mean? Starting back in 1995, Google has seemingly been on a quest to not only organize the endless amount of content on the internet but to also present it in the most useful and intuitive way to Googlers. Averaging just shy of 12 billion searches a month, Google should have a pretty good sample size of data to work with once all of the surveys have been completed.

It goes to show you that even with some of the brightest minds in the industry working at Google, sometimes those old tried and true methods still work. When in doubt, ask your customer what they think. Let’s hope they put this data to good use and find even better ways to present their users with pinpoint search results.