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Google Tag Manager 2.0 Released and It’s Awesome

By October 16, 2014 Industry Topics

Awesome news! Google just pushed through a massive update to the Google Tag Manager platform (a tag management tool, of which we are quite fond of).  GTM 2.0 comes with several exciting new features, including a brand spankin’ new interface, new features, and more vendor tag templates — and most exciting of all: the release of the GTM API!

GTM 2.0 Interface

The interface received a massive overhaul, arguably making the platform more accessible and easier to use. It may take some time getting used to from the old interface, but initial impressions are that this is quite an improvement. Also of note, there are several new “preferred vendor” tag templates.


It’s worth noting that currently, all legacy accounts and containers will remain the same — this is not a forced upgrade.

If you’re looking to dive into the new features, your best bet is to start fresh.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear way to transfer accounts yet. For those feeling adventurous, there is a new “export/import” container feature — so if you’re willing to jump through some hoops, you’ll be able to transfer over containers to a 2.0 account. This is disappointing, but I suspect there will be a more streamlined transfer process in the future.

Without a doubt, the most exciting new addition to GTM 2.0 is the release of several APIs. Why should we care about an open API? Because developers do awesome things with APIs. And then they share those awesome things with the community.


Right out of the gate, we’ve seen some impressive new tools which utilize the GTM API.

Simo Ahava (He’s great. You should really check his blog out.), immediately released some fresh-off-the-press tools that enable things we haven’t been able to do before: clone and manage containers, tags, and macros. Clearly, the most impressive component in his tool-box is the container visualizer, which was used to generate the Hierarchical Edge Bundling viz you see above. Beyond being a pretty visualization, this could also be used as unique way to catch any complicated goofs/inconsistencies in your implementation very quickly. Build your own in just a couple of clicks here.

Our initial impressions are that this is a welcome upgrade that makes Google Tag Manager more functional and accessible. The release of the API will enable the development community to do some impressive things, and we anticipate certain vendors will begin rolling out integration between the two platforms in the coming months. Win-Win-Awesome!