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FRWD and BOOMCHICKAPOP Present BOOM Tour 2014!

By September 11, 2014 FRWD Success Stories


BOOMCHICKAPOP® wanted to bring some BOOM to the Northeast. They sent a crew on the road and asked FRWD to come along for the ride. We already had a hyper-engaged audience and knew we could activate and drive engagement through social channels. FRWD created the digital-hub for all engagement with the tour through, a user-generated site that is all about BOOM fans, all the time. The tour is focused on “bringing the BOOM”, literally and figuratively. As the brand expands organically and through paid media, we continue to learn that our fans are very willing to share their BOOM experiences with us via digital channels.

boom_camille is not just for checking the map and see where the teams are. It’s a content aggregator that pulls tagged photos all across the brand and is the hub of the experience from all owned channels. Photo sharing, GIF maker, and quirky trivia. Initial metrics show that while the user generated content is performing nicely, it’s the traffic to that is blowing it out of the water. Driving traffic to the various products is helping spread the BOOM love to those that aren’t familiar with the brand.

Less than two weeks in, how are results?


An engaged and growing fan base, in the Northeast and beyond. Buzz Lightyear style. Through Twitter acquisition, our fan-base for BOOMCHICKAPOP® has grown over 1,200 fans in just over 2 weeks as the tour moves through the Northeast. Site traffic is increasing as we continue to support it through social and paid efforts, as well as optimize content to what we are seeing the users being most interested in. will continue to live on as the small moves we make build to make a great brand an iconic one.

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