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6 Bookmark-Worthy Marketing Tools for 2015

By March 30, 2015 Industry Topics

Do you want to look like a marketing data superhero? Looking for the latest marketing tools to make your job easier? Here are six fantastic tools we use at FRWD that could help you do just that.

#1: Gramfeed | Supercharged Instagram Search

Tools Test 02



We’re constantly impressed by the amount content users share with us. Instagram is the creative hub of earned content from our users, but often it’s hard to keep track of it all — let alone slice & dice for broader insights. Gramfeed has proven to be a superhero when digging for showcase-worthy earned content & brand trends from our users. We love the ability to segment by keywords, map by location, and sort by a variety of ways. While this tool is free, you’ll need to authenticate with an Instagram account to get full feature.

#2: Buzzsumo | Content Marketing Brainstorm Tool

Tools Test 03

Buzz Sumo


Hit a lull during your content calendar brainstorm? Enter Buzzsumo. This “top content” search tool is a great thought starter when planning around certain topics. With the ability to see top headlines, shares by social channel, and all sorts of nifty filtering features — you can find that perfect content idea for your content marketing strategy.

#3: Think with Google


Think With Google


Articles, infographics, webinars, tools, case studies and more. Think With Google is a compendium of Google approved resources for people on all ends of the digital marketing spectrum. If you’re looking to reference a digital case study — this is the place. It’s worth noting that Google has a really heavy-handed “Spend Money! Mobile! Google!” agenda at play, but that doesn’t make the supporting data & insights any less valuable when you need them.

#4: YouTube Trends

Tools Test 04

Youtube Trends


We’ve found that video consumption habits can reveal a lot about your target audience. Being able to slice and dice trending videos by demographics and region is pretty interesting audience research data. It’s also fun to check in on the weird trending videos in Japan, or see that the latest Katy Perry video is #1 for women in Saudi Arabia too.

#5: Wolfram Alpha | Google For Data, the “Computational Engine”


Wolfram Alpha


Got weird data questions? Wolfram Alpha has the answer. Dubbed as a computational knowledge engine, this tool is a lifesaver for countless crazy queries. The difference with this tool lies in its ability to compute solutions as opposed to giving you search query matches.  In other words, Google searches the web, Wolfram Alpha computes answers. This tool is also something that will grow with time. The more questions people ask the smarter Wolfram Alpha will become (think Skynet).

#6: Zip Tapestry | ESRI Demographic Lifestyle Segments By Zip Code

Tools Test 01

Zip Tapestry


Did you know you can segment the US population 67 ways based on their socioeconomic profile? Sweet, well what does that mean to you? Using this nifty tool, you can input a zip code during market research: ie, what’s the profile of people living in Portland near a Target? The output is top 3 lifestyle segments in the area and their respective consumer profile stats. Use this information to define your market and build strategies that focus on the right people in the right places. Sweet, delicious data!


This list only scratches the surface of what’s available. What tools are you using? We welcome your suggestions and ideas in the comments below.