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Best of The Brits: Our Top 5 Arrow Picks

By March 1, 2017 Uncategorized

Every year, the Walker Art Center hosts screenings of The British Arrow Awards to showcase the best of the best commercials from across the pond. The BrandLab, which is a program that helps connect high school students to ad industry professionals, recently hosted a private screening of the awards.

Some of the FRWD team had the chance to attend the screening, walking away with plenty of laughs, “awwwww”s, and creative inspiration to bring back to the office. (We especially loved seeing our former BrandLab intern Alicia featured before the screening!) Here are some of our favorite commercials:

1. John Lewis, Man on the Moon. This spot tugged at all of our heartstrings. Holiday spots won big this year — a holiday spot won commerical of the year, two holiday-themed spots took Gold, three Silver, and two Bronze, eight out of a total 36 Arrow Awards.

2. Tena Men, Clench. Comparing incontinence to holding in farts is nothing short of genius. Not to mention, something that few agencies would take past the ideation stage. CLENCH!

3. Harvey Nichols, Shoplifting PSA. Harvey Nichols used shoplifting security footage—what may normally come off as sinister—as a way to promote their rewards app, stating “Love freebies? Get them legally.”

4. Currys PC World, Spare The Act. If used correctly, well-known celebrities work better than pretty much anything — Jeff Goldblum’s cameos in a series of spots for Currys PC World were hilarious and this spot took home commercial of the year:

5. John Lewis, Tiny Dancer. Another standout John Lewis ad, this time speaking to the clumsy dancer within all of us.

Thank you to The BrandLab for hosting us! We had a “bloody” good time.