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A Summer on an Island: 2016 Interns Say Farewell

By August 11, 2016 Uncategorized

This summer, FRWD had the pleasure of mentoring seven talented college aged interns to learn a variety of skills and prepare them for a career in the advertising and marketing world. Now that the summer is sadly coming to an end, we asked them to look back at the accomplishments they have made over these past few months and their personal takeaways from the internship.

Here is what they wrote:


Jessica Robinson, Research/Momentum Intern

I began my internship at FRWD in March as I was completing my Business Law Degree and University of St. Thomas. Previously, I had internships at both a law firm and an aquarium—two very different experiences. Through my internship at FRWD I was given the incredible opportunity to merge my experience in and passion for both the legal and marketing fields while working on legal clients, specifically Dahl Administration and Zimmerman Reed.  After spending a few months learning as much as I can from our Momentum and Media teams, I knew exactly how I wanted to begin my career as a recent college graduate. I have enthusiastically accepted a full time position at FRWD as a Legal Marketing Associate! I am extremely excited to continue my career at a place where I truly feel at home.


Jacob Stockwell, Programmatic Intern

My second internship at FRWD has been the best yet. I not only have had the pleasure of working with the most amazing people I was also introduced to the world of Programmatic. It was really hard to grasp at first. I even doubted myself a few times if I was ever going to grasp the slightest understanding of Programmatic, but I did. You learn so much at FRWD and there are so many people who are always willing to help if I got stuck or had a question.

I accomplished a lot this summer. I researched a plethora of information on programmatic, and how it works. I got certified in Google Analytics and MediaMath T1 platform where I ran ad campaigns for FRWD Marketing. Lead and assisted in a “Interns Take Over FRWD” marketing campaign and helped with various little things. For example, I helped my coworker Bill by creating tracking pixels for the new FRWD website and Joel with research on Good Foods. I would like to thank John for giving me the opportunity to work in such an amazing, hard working, fun environment and giving me the skills to have such a bright future and being the coolest boss ever. FRWD is family to me and I can’t think of a better place to work.


Katie Mullenbach, Social Media Intern

My internship here at FRWD was an incredible and eye opening experience.  I learned so much about the moving pieces in an agency.  I had fun working on accounts such as The Truth Bar and WARHEADS, and responding to a tweet from Robin Wright left me pretty star struck. Becoming certified in Google Analytics was a great element to add to my resume.  I also learned that it’s one thing to just be able to work on some cool projects but to also get the opportunity to work with some cool people was the cherry on top.

I really enjoyed creating content for The Truth Bar and WARHEADS.  From running events to making cute gift baskets to send out to influencers, I had the most amazing opportunity to show my creativity. Throughout my time here I have been able to find out what my strengths and weakness are which is truly valuable.  I’m leaving FRWD with a portfolio of quality work. This internship has inspired me to pursue all of my creative endeavors. My internship here at FRWD has left me feeling more prepared for my future career than ever.


Haley Goodrich, Research/Analytics Intern

Going into this summer, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was leaving home for the first time to live halfway across the country, in a state I’d never been to, to work 8 hours a day at an internship I had very little information about. I can happily say that I have never been more pleasantly surprised. This summer has been the most mentally stimulating, endlessly interesting, and not to mention fun experience I could have possibly hoped for. Not a day has gone by where I haven’t learned or done something new here at FRWD and I have since begun to branch out and consider new majors like Business Law, Marketing, or Journalism.

Whether it was learning GA and adwords, creating slide decks for Caboo and GI, doing research for legal clients, sitting in on a client meeting with Carlson, or even just enjoying what it means to be a part of a professional (and quirky) workplace, I have never felt more prepared and excited to start my next endeavors in college and beyond. Places as unique as this are hard to find. Thanks FRWD for an incredible and invaluable experience.    


Jake Sherer, Research/Analytics Intern

Over the course of my summer here at FRWD I learned and experienced far more than in any other summer of my life.  I enjoyed learning the ins and outs of both Google Analytics and AdWords after receiving my certification in both. As well as, doing a lot of research whether it be on a client, competitor or a product these research tasks always kept me busy and learning.  One of these projects that I am most proud of was my work on our Google Analytics segment library.  I spent a lot of time going through and categorizing and backing up all of our segments in excel so that we could clean up our library in Google Analytics.  This was easily the most time consuming project that I worked on this summer and the results were clear.  At the end of it all I was just glad to be a helpful contributing member of the FRWD team.

An internship at FRWD is so much more than meaningless coffee runs and busy work.  Being an intern here gave me a look at what it means to work with and learn from intelligent and passionate people in a field that is so much more interesting than any class I took in high school.  I was given the opportunity to do real work that was valuable to the team and to my own growth. I want to thank Bill, Joel, both the Dougs and the rest of the FRWD family for trusting me with your work and allowing me to learn by your side, I’d also like to extend a final thank you to John for allowing me to occupy a spot on Intern Island and giving me access to all the tools I needed to have such an amazing summer.


Patrick Clark, Media/Finance Intern

In just one summer here at FRWD, I was able to experience far more than I expected. I performed tasks including building site lists, optimizing programmatic campaigns and creating a profitability report for a company. Spearheading the search campaign for FRWD’s internal marketing also gave me a taste of leadership. I was able to pass the certification tests for Google Adwords and Google Analytics, as well as begin the process of learning how to advertise through TerminalOne and Facebook. These are all exceptionally useful skills in the digital marketing realm, and I am glad to have them before starting college.

Moving forward, I plan on continuing to learn and use my new skill set. I will have the opportunity to join clubs and take classes that focus on both finance as well as marketing next year, and I want to take full advantage of both.


Alicia Jimerson, Creative Intern

Being an intern at FRWD this summer has been a privilege. I was able to meet people who have knowledge in areas of marketing that I didn’t, which was a great learning opportunity. One of my favorite things that I got to experience this summer was being a part of the Dunn Brothers project and taking photos of their stores for their websites. It was different for me because I tend to be a shy person, but working in such a comfortable environment has helped me open up to more people and apply myself. Something else that I experienced this summer that I really enjoyed was the Friday Throwdowns, where we’d all come together and talk about what projects we’re working on, how they’re coming along, and how we plan to continue working on them. Since I have previously interned at General Mills and 3e, The LifeTime Agency, I was excited to experience what a smaller agency felt like. And I loved it!

The skills that I learned this summer will follow me throughout college and definitely be prevalent in my future career. Not only did I gain new skills, but I also gained a new network of people whom I consider to be my mentors. I would like to thank everyone at FRWD, especially John, for welcoming and mentoring me this summer and showing me what it’s like to be passionate about what you do.